Neuromonitoring during thyroid surgery

As of August 2015, Neuromonitoring is now used during thyroid surgery at the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery and Transplantation. Neuromonitoring involves the electronic monitoring of the recurrent laryngeal nerve during resection of the thyroid.

FIT – training for a healthy lifestyle

On Saturday 8th August 2015 an event to promote a healthy lifestule was held in the park of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior in Warsaw.

Designer drugs and where to find help: Important information from the Ministry of the Interior

Across the country there have been several cases of poisoning due to designer drugs (‘dopalacze’ in Polish). Hospitals have been admitting people with severe symptoms of poising. We warn against purchasing any such substances. The manufacturers and sellers of designer drugs are driven entirely by greed and profit, with complete disregard for human life. By selling designer drugs they are peddling death. 

"Restored Femininity" - a discussion panel

On 28th May 2015, the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior in Warsaw, hosted a discussion panel, titled " restored femininity". Guests included luminaries from the sciences, medicine, the media, as well as film stars.

The "Let's Meet" picnic

To celebrate Children’s Day, a picnic was held at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior in Warsaw on May 31st 2015. Titled "Let’s Meet", it was the first time that the event was held. Its aim was to bring together children born at the hospital.


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