The „Young Doctors” from our hospital

In January, TVP1 will be screening a new series that tells the story of six young doctors and their experiences in the very real and demanding world of medicine. The series will focus on the dilemmas and emotions they have to deal with in the early stages of their careers.

„Envelope of Life” - Pilot

A pilot of the "Envelope of Life" initiative is being conducted in Warsaw. It aims to improve safety when providing appropriate medical assistance in the case of an emergency at home. If you are a patient of the Family Medicine Clinic, please ask your GP about the „Envelope of life”.

Breast Cancer – diagnosis and treatment – 21 January 2016

The Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior in Warsaw has the pleasure of inviting your to attend a conference about the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, which will be held on 21 January 2016. You can register your attendance by emailing: or by fax to: +48 22 508 15 45.

Innovative Hospital Award

CompuGroup Medical has awarded the title of Innovative Hospital to the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior in Warsaw.

Women's Health

Wife, mother or grandmother - women are always caring about the health of their families and loved ones, but all too often they forget to spend enough time looking after themselves. Therefore the Family Medicine Clinic is organizing a special lecture on women's health on 3rd December.


For the patient

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Ministry of Interior in Warsaw

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