World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day will be held on 14 November. Every year it helps raise awareness of this worldwide pandemic and how to prevent it. It is estimated that some 285 million people worldwide have diabetes, with 90% of those suffering from the so-called ‘adult-onset’ Type 2 Diabetes, which is commonly caused by obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Be ‘heat wave’ prepared

A heat wave occurs when the air temperature on the earth's surface exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. During the day, the highest temperature occurs between the hours of 3pm and 6pm, and not, as is commonly believed, at noon, although the highest UV levels are registered between Midday and 1pm. We have prepared a list things you should do to be best prepared for a heat wave.

Come and have a breast check

You are invited to visit our specialist consultation clinic to undergo an ultrasound breast check. For details please contact us on: +48 (22) 508 17 31 or +48 (22) 508 17 32.

Time to look into heartburn

A recent issue of the daily, ‘Fakt’, included a health supplement in which Dr. Magdalena Pawlik and Mgr. Katarzyna Kosałka are featured talking about gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Now you can use our medical vehicle fleet

Our team of professionals is ready to look after all your medical transportation needs. We have modern type "S" ambulances with a doctor, and type 'P' ambulances with a paramedic. We are also one of the leading centres that specialize in handling large-scale crises and events.


For the patient

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